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Lauren & Madhu fused different traditions from both of their religions to create a casual, eco-friendly ceremony that celebrated both faiths. The wedding even inspired Lauren to explore a new career path!

e compromised on things that were unimportant to us, like the menu and flowers (our families wanted them but flowers are usually grown in a hot house or travel across the country or the world and that’s not eco-friendly even if it is beautiful — we ended up letting them buy a few nice bouquets and putting them together into one big arrangement for the bar), but we saw our vision through and in the end everyone told us it was the most fun wedding they’d ever attended.

Interviewing potential vendors was difficult and hilarious. One hairdresser told me it would be easy to give me extensions… Why would I want to change something so drastic about myself for my wedding? Many vendors just didn’t understand that we weren’t going to have a black tie affair with a big band and dance floor. But when we found the vendors we clicked with, everything went smoothly.

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